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Neverwhere: A Novel

Neverwhere - Neil Gaiman The ending of this book was really interesting. It really made you rethink what had happened and what was real and what was fake. I thought that it got kind of predictable but what I had "predicted" ended up not being what happened. I was hoping the umbrella would come back into play - unless that was supposed to be the same umbrella with the homeless person at the end. I also feel like Richard may have had a tarnished idea of what London Below actually is. He was on a adventure in his time there and going back after that may be different or boring, but definitely not what he expected it to be. The idea of him "just being crazy" didn't make sense to me either because he got a promotion during this time, which was already something that didn't make much sense. Either way, this was a very interesting book and the story was very original, something that I always love to experience.