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The Magician King - Lev Grossman I wish I didnt leave as much time in between the two books as I did (almost a year) but I still found this sequel very enjoyable. While Quentin's pessimism gets to a lot of people, I find it realistic and therefore inviting. Little things often when unexplained, such as whatever causes the minor earthquake before Julia passed her tests or when poppy and josh were made aware that they could stay. Lastly, i felt that there should have been somethig between inserting the keys and the world being saved. Everything was drawn out except this part, which seemed to fast. An epilogue would be an added bonus as well that may tie up many loose ends. however, the ending wrapped up the story well and slight wonders of the future of the characters isnt always a bad thing. I also appreciated how this book isn't a perfect fairy tale as many quest novels end up being